Our History

Science and research for the design and synthesis of 100% natural vitamin solutions

About Paleo Life

Paleo Life is a company founded in 2014 in Weston, Florida. We focus on the synthesis and design of 100% natural vitamin solutions.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve balance in their health, inside and out.

Thanks to a solid team of doctors, nutritionists and formulators from India, the United States and Germany, our assets are based on the best natural components to protect, prevent or improve symptoms of various ailments.

At Paleo Life we are committed to transparency and honesty towards those who choose to incorporate healthy habits into their lives.

Our mission is to facilitate a new route towards transforming habits and feeling more alive every day.

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The science

Todos nuestros productos poseen componentes naturales y tienen un sin fin de investigaciones en el campo de la medicina.

Our Process

Far from looking for cheap products of dubious origin, at Paleo Life we dedicate five years to the search for raw materials with a 100% purity certificate.

We invest a significant amount of time and resources in researching multiple natural ingredients and their properties, until we find elements that when combined with others bring real benefits.

Similarly, we decided to use nanotechnology, in order to offer huge amounts in small doses.

All this with the aim of offering cutting-edge assets that contribute to improving the welfare of our customers.

In addition to working with the best ingredients on the market, we process our raw materials in a unique way that guarantees to take full advantage of their properties. We take advantage of their molecules in an unprecedented way.

We use formulators in places as different as India, Germany and the United States to find the most important natural components that, once combined, cover important vitamin requirements through a daily intake.

We then decided to move away from traditional multivitamins and bring to the table a real, palpable and conscious solution.

Our articles are focused on established ailments and supplemental gaps in daily diets.

At Paleo Life, our laboratories are certified by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They meet more than 12 quality and origin certifications.

However, our raw material is our greatest differential.

By consuming our active ingredients, the intake and use of the ingredients is almost immediate, as long as it is accompanied by a change in lifestyle and a healthy diet.




We use the best quality ingredients to guarantee the effectiveness of our products.



Less is more. We believe in simple, healthy products.



Tell the truth. We believe in transparent and open dialogue with our community.